Newsletter  6th Edition 1st September  2018

WE are Spartans!

仲有兩個月就到11月,大家應該已經開始磨刀準備SPARTAN Race!正如「馬拉松比賽」一樣,前期嘅準備訓練十分關鍵。Spartan Race不同於一般嘅運動比賽,對參加者體能要求特別嚴格,所以需要一套特殊嘅訓練計劃去增強耐力同爆發力。

With November approaching, many of you need to start getting ready for the upcoming, much sought after SPARTAN Race! Just like how running a marathon requires training and preparation, the participants of the Spartan race have specific training protocols that needs to be met to be better prepared for the demands of the sport.

Cardio Training

無論你係參加「衝刺賽」定「超級賽」,你都需要充分鍛鍊自己喺帶氧運動方面嘅強度同持久度。由於呢兩個比賽組別大部份時間都係奔跑、行走同跨越障礙,我哋建議你透過4ward嘅「HIIT」、「4D 動感單車」以及「韓國軍訓」嘅課堂加強相關實力。

Regardless if you are running for the Sprint or the Super, you may want to take into consideration that cardio training will hugely benefit you as both races demand a whole lot of cardio strength and endurance. As you will be on your feet most of the time and tackling through obstacles, training that may be suitable for you include our HIIT, 4D Spin, and our Korean Military Training small group classes.

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Upper Body Strength

參加Spartan Race前,最容易被忽略嘅就係上身力量訓練。比賽過程中有好多需要攀爬、推拉同負重嘅環節,尤其會需要爬繩上另一個挑戰據點。你需要盡快將手臂、後背、胸口同肩膊嘅肌肉訓練加入你日常嘅操練當中,以免比賽途中乏力造成意外。

Yes there will be a lot of climbing, pulling, pushing and carrying movements involved during the race. Having good upper body strength will also come in hand especially during the part of the race where rope climbs are required. With proper weight training that involves the arms, back, chest and shoulders, you will need to consider incorporating those exercises into your routine as soon as possible.

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Lower Body Strength

「深蹲」係所有負重訓練當中,最有效亦最難做好嘅下肢鍛鍊。只係簡單一個動作,已經有超過5種需要協助工具嘅變化。最常見嘅例如:「槓鈴深蹲」、「壺鈴深蹲」、「相撲式深蹲」、「單弓箭步深蹲」及「史密斯機深蹲」等。無論邊一種深蹲方法,都會幫你嘅比賽過程如虎添翼。除咗深蹲,4ward嘅「4D 動感單車」課堂一樣可以幫你增強下肢力量。透過增加單車阻力,鍛鍊下肢嘅肌耐力同肌肉強度,同時可以加強心肺功能,一舉兩得。

Nobody likes squats. Well….we do! Barbell squats, Goblet Squats, SUMO squats, single leg squats, smith machine squats…any squats would build the necessary strength that is required for you to complete the race. As a training alternative, you may also want to consider our 4D Interactive Spinning class as a means to build lower body strength and endurance, while working your cardiovascular system simultaneously. Kill 2 birds with one stone 😊

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Core Strength

「朱古力腹肌」可其吸引,但其實只要核心肌群夠力量,即使無「朱古力腹肌」都可以挑戰自我! Sit up同捲腹已經做到悶?即刻為你嘅核心肌群訓練加入其他元素!「HOLOFIT智能互動訓練系統」能夠提供更有效率同成效顯著嘅訓練,喺課堂中不知不覺增強全身協調同核心肌群。

We are not talking about a 6 pack here…although that would be nice. While training your core is important, training them functionally will prepare you better for the challenges ahead. Forget the traditional sit ups and crunches, sign up for HOLOFIT Core and start building some serious core strength!

Everybody loves Burpees!

Spartan Race嘅挑戰據點一般會有兩種項目選擇,如果你無辦法爬繩,就需要用「波比跳」代替;如果你孭唔到沙包上山,都需要用「波比跳」代替。所以成個過程裡面,需要做「波比跳」嘅機會甚多。如果你仲未克服做「波比跳」嘅恐懼,快啲由呢刻開始習慣啦!

If you cant climb rope, you need to do burpees. If you cannot carry that bag of sand up the hill, you need to do burpees. In short, burpees may be your best friend and you may have to do quite a number of them during the race. Perhaps it may be a good idea to get comfortable with them first?

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