4ward Fitness會員成功真實個案 【修身造型大翻身】⁣

以前嘅Lynn會偏向揀鬆身嘅衫,希望可以遮住自己嘅身型。自從將運動變成習慣,Lynn會開始揀一啲展現自己身型嘅衫,個人都自信咗好多!多年嚟甚少運動嘅Lynn對於健身器材嘅認識唔多,所以就開始咗私人教練課程。喺4ward Fitness教練Mani嘅訓練下,短短三個月,Lynn嘅腰部同臀部線條都有明顯改善!⁣



In the past, Lynn preferred to choose loose-fitting clothes, hoping to cover her body shape. Since turning sports into a habit, Lynn begins to choose clothes that can show her body shape, she is also more confident now ! Lynn, who has rarely exercised for many years, didn't know much about fitness equipment, so she started this personal trainer course. Under the training of 4ward Fitness trainer Mani, in just three months, her waist and hip lines have been significantly improved !⁣

Coach Mani designed a comprehensive self-cultivation plan for Lynn from different aspects, including gravity training to enhance physical fitness, aerobic exercise to exercise cardiopulmonary function, and stretching after exercise to relieve tight muscles. In addition to tailor-made training, Mani will always pay attention to Lynn's emotions and encourage her when needed , that's why she can continue to exercise with this positive energy and have good results in such short time !⁣

Do you also want to create a more satisfied self? Now you can experience a personal training course for only $150, start your journey towards health and confidence now!⁣

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