【4ward Fitness 員工打氣站🙆🏻‍♀】⁣⁣

如果有上開課堂嘅會員,相信對我們嘅導師亦不會感到陌生🙆🏻。好懷念大家一起上課嘅日子🤼‍♀️!喺抗疫期間,導師們都會喺4ward Fitness Facebook直播🎥同大家運動,保持健康嘅身體。他們亦都送上打氣字句,同香港人講聲加油💪🏻!一定可以好快再見到大家!⁣ ⁣ If there are members who have attended the group class, you will not feel strange to our instructors🙆🏻. We miss the days when everyone is in class together🤼‍♀️! During the anti-epidemic period, our instructors will broadcast live🎥 exercise on 4ward Fitness Facebook to keep healthy. They also sent cheer words and cheered with Hong Kong people💪🏻! Believe that we can meet together soon!⁣

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