【Live class schedule 18-19/4🗓✨ #停gym不停練】⁣⁣⁣

喺直播期間見到唔少會員都會留言📲,其實都喺一種樂趣🤩!大家可能有時都會錯咗某些直播,想一次過重溫?只要入我哋嘅Youtube channel🌟,就可以一次過見到所有片段,好方便㗎!💡宜家即刻訂閱4ward Fitness嘅Youtube 啦!👉🏻Youtube: https://bit.ly/34Kh30c⁣ ⁣ During the live broadcast, you can see a lot of messages📲 from members, which is a funny thing🤩! Sometimes you may miss some live broadcasts and want to relive them all at once? As long as you enter our YouTube channel🌟, you can see all the clips, and it's very convenient! 💡Subscribe to 4ward Fitness's Youtube now! 👉🏻Youtube: https://bit.ly/34Kh30c⁣

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