【Home Class計劃 – Facebook Live📹】⁣

為咗方便大家,喺任何地方都可以做運動強身🏋🏻‍♀,4ward Fitness 推出全新「Home Class」計劃✨。我哋會編排唔同時間和課堂種類,喺Facebook直播📹教大家做運動。⁣ 即使你要長時間留喺屋企,都可以打開Facebook💻跟我哋一齊運動。4ward Fitness呼籲大家「全民運動,一同抗疫」!聽日就開始啦,記得緊貼我哋Facebook啦!⁣ ⁣ In order to make it easier for everyone to exercise🏋🏻‍♀ at anywhere, 4ward Fitness has launched a new "Home Class" program✨. We will arrange different times and types of classes, broadcast live📹 on Facebook to teach everyone to exercise. ⁣ Even if you need to stay at home for a long time, you can open Facebook💻 to exercise with us. 4ward Fitness hopes everyone to "Exercise together, against the epidemic"! Tomorrow will be start, remember to follow our Facebook!⁣

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