【 Cocina 3 X 4ward Fitness】⁣

出街想食啲比較特別既🧐,而屋企又難煮到。不妨可以食西班牙菜🥓,推介位於奧海城嘅Cocina 3 Tapas Restaurant & Bar✨。現凡喺4ward Fitness會員,只要出示會員的手機應用程式📱,並登入有效的頁面,就可享9折優惠🍽。詳情即刻:4wardfitness.com.hk/member-benefit ⁣ If you want to eat some special food🧐, which is difficult to cook at home. Then you may have Spanish food🥓 and recommend Cocina 3 Tapas Restaurant & Bar in Olympian City✨. Now 4ward Fitness members, just show the member ’s mobile app📱 and log in to a valid page. Then you can enjoy the 10% discount off 🍽. More details: 4wardfitness.com.hk/member-benefit ⁣ *優惠受條款及細則約束 / *Terms & conditions apply.⁣

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