除咗運動區有嚴謹嘅衛生措施外🧺,場內的更衣室、休憩區、食品區亦都同樣有妥善清潔🧴。其中食品區嘅Op-Bar🍽,亦張貼了衛生指引措施,令到每一位購買飲品同食物嘅會員,都可以放心安心享用👍🏻。⁣ ⁣ ✨Op-Bar衛生指引:⁣ ✅ 每天早上徹底消毒OP-BAR內外及所有器具。⁣ ✅ 每小時進行消毒清潔(包括枱面,椅子,收銀機等)。⁣ ✅ OP-BAR當值員工均會配戴口罩。⁣ ✅ 員工每當處理食品時均會戴上手套。⁣ ✅ OP-BAR員工亦會定時進行洗手及消毒。⁣ ⁣ In addition to the rigorous hygiene🧺 in the gym area, the changing room, rest area, and food area are also properly cleaned🧴. The food area's Op-Bar🍽 also posted sanitary guidelines, so that every member who purchases drinks and food can enjoy it with peace of mind👍🏻.⁣ ⁣ ✨Op-Bar’s hygiene guidelines:⁣ ✅ Arranging for the cleansing and disinfection of all appliance every morning.⁣ ✅ Arranging for the disinfection of facility every hour.⁣ ✅ Our staff in OPBAR must wear masks.⁣ ✅ Staff in OPBAR must wear gloves when they handling food.⁣ ✅ Our staff in OPBAR must wash their hands frequently.⁣

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