【4ward Fitness X 香港飛馬足球隊 】

4ward Fitness一向都好支持各項嘅運動發展🤼‍♀,當然本地運動團隊也不例外。好高興一直和香港飛馬足球隊⚽合作成為官方嘅健身伙伴🤝,希望可以身體力行支持本地運動。早前球員都上嚟參與瑜珈課堂,個個都活力十足。4ward全力支持飛馬球隊,加油!💪

4ward Fitness are very supportive of sports development and the local sports team🤼‍♀. We are happy to work with the Hong Kong Pegasus FC ⚽and become the official fitness partner 🤝. We hope to support the local sports. The team participated in our yoga classes before, all of them were energetic. 4ward fully supports the Pegasus team, Fighting!💪

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