4ward x SlluksT2 Ultra Smooth Nitro Coffee

SlluksT2 極品氮氣凍咖啡正式登陸4ward💥!呢個創新獨特,充滿活力🤟嘅茶飲品牌,同4ward帶俾會員嘅運動氣氛如出一徹!研究顯示,於運動前30分鐘飲一杯無糖咖啡,仲能夠幫助脂肪燃燒多15%𠻹!

SlluksT2 極品氮氣咖啡用精選哥倫比亞咖啡豆☕️,經過長時間浸泡萃取出咖啡的微量因子,再打入氮氣製作出幼細嘅氣泡。無奶無糖,都能夠調製出平滑細緻嘅口感!即時氣泡散去,都仍然可以感受咖啡嘅甘香! 今日你試咗未?😏

SkullsT2 Ultra Smooth Nitro Coffee now is available in 4ward💥! Innovative, unique and second-to-none! What a cool beverage brand in Hong Kong! Drink coffee before workout, can burn extra 15% of fats than usual! SlluksT2 Ultra Smooth Nitro Coffee ☕use cold brew Columbian coffee beans with Nitro gas to create a smooth, amazing taste. No milk ingredient, no sugar but still delicate in your throat! Try it out today😏!

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