4ward x 65 Grand Prix Macau

4ward Fitness一直致力支持各項體育運動發展🔥,今次更會於 「Macau Grand Prix 澳門格蘭披治大賽車」中,全力支持 Teamwork Motorsport 捷凱車隊 🏎。呢項具科技智能、團隊合作🤝及力求完美💯於一身嘅極限運動,同4ward嘅創建信念「將科技智能融入運動💪」,及一直以黎公司上下團結一致,將👍最優質嘅運動體驗帶給大眾不謀而合。

車隊於大賽4日前已經開始試車,更邀請獲得 9座🏆冠軍獎盃嘅知名車手Rob Huff參與試車,令車輛升級擁有更大嘅穩定性,增加彎道嘅優勢🔥。車隊喺琴日嘅練習賽🏁中亦獲得🌟極佳成績,創造全場最快:2分35秒502嘅試跑紀錄🔥!車隊所有車手亦全部順利通過試跑,將會於聽日10:25分一同參加 「FOOD4U澳門汽車杯」!

希望 @捷凱車隊 旗開得勝,喺聽日嘅賽事之中獲取佳績🏆!

4ward Fitness has been committed to supporting the development of various sports🔥. This time, in the "65th Grand Prix Macau", we will fully support Teamwork Motorsport🏎. With the combination of technological intelligence, teamwork🤝 and striving for excellence💯 of this limitless sport, these are similar to 4ward’s belief that “incorporating technology and intelligence into sports💪” and united by the company, bringing the 👍best quality workout experience to the public.

The team has already started the test before the 4th day of the competition. They have invited Rob Huff, 9-time winner of auto racing to participate in the car test, which will make the vehicle upgrade more stable and increase the advantage of the curve🔥. The team got a 🌟excellent result in practice race🏁, created the fastest game result: 2 minutes 35 seconds 502🔥! All the drivers of Teamwork Motorsport have also successfully finish the practice race and participating in the "FOOD4U Macau Auto Cup" at 10:25am tomorrow!

Wishing Teamwork Motorsport can reach the glory in “65th Macau Grand Prix”🏆!

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