【Yin Yoga🧘🏻‍♂️身心放鬆】⁣

Yin Yoga結合中國經絡理論,會喺肌肉完全放鬆嘅伸展動作靜止3-5分鐘,刺激經絡、氣的運行,同針灸嘅效果相似。Yin Yoga十分適合都市人,可以幫助大家擺脫焦慮、工作壓力、身心疲累等。想放鬆身心,舒緩身體?快啲加入4ward Fitness, 同專業教練一齊做Yin Yoga啦!⁣

Yin Yoga combines the theory of Chinese meridians, each position will last for 3-5 minutes when the muscles are fully relaxed. It stimulates the movement of meridians and breath, similar to the effect of acupuncture . Yin Yoga is very suitable for urbanites and can help everyone to get rid of anxiety, work pressure, physical and mental fatigue, etc. . Want to relax and soothe your body? Join 4ward Fitness and do Yin Yoga with professional instructors!⁣

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