【Yin yoga🌟比瑜珈更放鬆】⁣

「陽瑜伽」同其他運動一樣,訓練時主要將肌肉收緊,加強身體線條。而「陰瑜伽」主要係喚醒平時較少鍛鍊到的地方,每個動作停留時間較長,約3-5分鐘。強調靜態停留嘅Yin Yoga,搭配「瑜伽磚、瑜伽繩」可以幫助姿勢停留更久,伸展舒緩深層結締組織。快啲加入4ward Fitness,運用充足嘅輔助工具,同專業導師一齊改善緊繃啦!⁣

"Yang Yoga", like other sports, mainly tightens muscles and strengthens body lines during training. And "Yin Yoga" is mainly to wake up places that are usually less exercised, and each movement stays for a longer time, about 3-5 minutes. Yin Yoga emphasizes static stay. Yoga bricks and yoga ropes, etc, can help the posture stay longer and then stretching and soothing deep connective tissue. Join 4ward Fitness now, use sufficient auxiliary tools, and work with professional instructors to improve your tension!⁣

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