【Vinyasa yoga🌬️呼吸與身體的訓練】⁣

喺咁多種瑜珈入面,點揀選適合自己嘅瑜珈呢?先介紹一下較少人認識嘅流瑜珈(Vinyasa yoga)。Vinyasa yoga比較著重喺動作和呼吸的同步性,強調動作轉換時呼吸與肢體的流暢度。能夠促進血液循環和有助鍛練心肺功能。如果喜歡節奏較快和運動量較高嘅練習,立即聯絡我哋,一齊體驗Vinyasa yoga啦!

Among different types of yoga, how do you choose the yoga that suits you? Let us introduce Vinyasa yoga for you. Vinyasa yoga focuses more on the synchronization of movements and breathing, emphasizing the smoothness of breathing and limbs during movement transitions. It can promote blood circulation and help exercise cardiopulmonary function. If you like fast-paced and high-volume exercises, contact us and experience Vinyasa yoga now!

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