TRX利用自己嘅體重去鍛鍊自己的肌肉,調整角度或姿勢來控制運動強度~佢可以訓練平衡力、提升核心力量、燃燒身體脂肪、增加肌肉線條等。只需要一條健身繩就可以訓練到全身上下嘅肌肉,係咪好神奇呢?立即加入4ward Fitness,同專業教練一齊體驗TRX嘅魔力啦!⁣

TRX uses our own body weight to exercise our muscles, we can also adjust angles or postures to control exercise intensity ~ It can train our balance, improve core strength, burn body fat, increase muscle lines, etc. . We can train our whole body muscles with just a fitness rope! Isn’t it amazing? Join 4ward Fitness now and experience the magic of TRX with our professional instructors!⁣

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