TRX嘅好處係只要可以固定懸吊訓練繩嘅地方就可以開始鍛鍊,就連屋企都得。不過大家自己睇片訓練,姿勢唔正確、錯誤出力方式好容易導致受傷。長期用錯姿勢訓練,嚴重的話可能造成韌帶、神經、肌肉受傷。所以專業嘅指導十分重要,動作仲可以根據每個人嘅體能、耐受度、關節角度等調整!快啲加入4ward Fitness,同專業教練一齊搵個最適合自己嘅訓練方式啦!⁣⁣


The advantage of TRX is As long as you can stabilize the suspension training rope, you can start exercising, even in our home. However, watching the video and exercising at home with incorrect posture and the wrong way of exerting force may lead to injury. Long-term training in the wrong posture may cause damage to ligaments, nerves, and muscles. Therefore, professional guidance is very important. The movements can also be adjusted according to each person's physical fitness, tolerance, joint angle, etc.! Join 4ward Fitness now and work with our professional instructor to find out the most suitable training method for you!⁣⁣

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