【Slim yoga🔥消脂瑜珈】⁣

Slim yoga又名瘦身纖體瑜伽,大多數都係站立動作。佢唔單止可以鍛鍊下盤力量,同時可以伸展上身~課堂節奏較快,著重於配合呼吸節奏同埋動作,從而加快體內脂肪燃燒。Slim yoga亦可以提高新陳代謝,適合每一個注重健康嘅你!立即加入4ward Fitness,同專業教練一齊塑造更健康嘅自己啦!⁣

Slim yogaAlso known as slimming yoga, most of them are standing movements. It can exercise the lower plate strength and stretch the upper body~The class rhythm is fast, focusing on matching the breathing rhythm and movements, thereby accelerating the burning of body fat. Slim yoga can also improve metabolism which is suitable for everyone who pays attention to health! Join 4ward Fitness now and build a healthier self with our professional instructors !⁣

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