【Relaxing Yoga Stretch🎋疲勞人士首選】

如果你喜歡比較靜態和放鬆的瑜珈,放鬆伸展瑜珈 (Relaxing Yoga Stretch) 絕對喺一個不錯的選擇!因為伸展瑜珈嘅節奏會較慢,但好處在於拉筋的動作比較多,有擴展功效。非常適合有肩頸等問題嘅都市人。而且過程唔需要好多的力量,最啱身體疲憊嘅時候練習!如果你都有興趣,即刻Inbox我哋查詢一下啦!

If you like more static and relaxing yoga, Relaxing Yoga Stretch is a good choice for you! Because the rhythm of stretching yoga will be slower, and the advantage is that there are more stretching exercises and it has an expansion effect. It is very suitable for people who have shoulder and neck problems. Moreover, the process does not require a lot of power, so it is suitable for practice when the body is exhausted! If you are interested, please send message to us now!

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