【Pilates💁🏻‍♀️ 運動康復治療】⁣⁣

其實普拉提 (Pilates)的好處非常多,其中一樣就喺通過練習Pilates可以治療被損傷的肌肉,有不少人用此來做運動康復治療。Pilates除了有助治療身體肌肉損傷,對於駝背、骨盆後傾及前傾等脊柱或骨骼疾病也有改善的作用。如果你都想改善身體,立即聯絡我哋啦!


Pilates has many benefits, and one of them is to treat damaged muscles. Many people use it for sports rehabilitation. In addition to treating body muscle injuries, Pilates can also improve spine or bone diseases such as kyphosis, pelvic tilt, and anterior tilt. If you want to improve your body, contact us now!

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