【Pilates小分享💡 Pilates與瑜珈之分別】⁣⁣

Pilates喺近年韓國大熱嘅運動之一!但原來好多人都唔知Pilates同瑜珈嘅分別,所以一於同大家分享一下。喺訓練重點上,最大分別喺瑜珈強調關節活動度和身體柔軟度,着重身體各部位的伸展;而普拉提則強調核心肌群的訓練,從而強化肌肉耐力。想一次過體驗不同訓練,立即加入4ward Fitness,全面強化身體啦!⁣⁣


Pilates is one of the popular sports in Korea in recent years! Many people don't know the difference between Pilates and Yoga, so I will share with you. In terms of training, yoga emphasizes joint mobility and body flexibility, focusing on the stretching of various parts of the body. And pilates emphasizes core muscle training to strengthen muscle endurance. If you want to try different training, join 4ward Fitness and strengthen your body! ⁣⁣

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