因為瑜伽同Pilates都係節奏較慢嘅運動,兩者都強調專注思想同埋身體協調性,所以好多人都會將佢哋混淆。Pilates集合瑜伽、舞蹈、體操於一身,結合東方嘅心靈練習同埋西方嘅肌肉體能訓練,由核心肌肉群開始強化肌肉耐力。Pilates同瑜伽嘅訓練範圍、呼吸方式、練習重點等都有不少分別~快啲加入4ward Fitness,同專業教練一齊體驗下唔同嘅訓練啦!⁣

Because both yoga and Pilates are slow-paced exercises, both of which emphasize focusing on mind and body coordination, many people don't know the difference. Pilates integrates yoga, dance, and gymnastics, combining Eastern spiritual exercises and Western muscular fitness training, starting from core muscle groups to strengthen muscle endurance . Pilates and yoga have many differences in training range, breathing method, practice focus, etc.~ Join 4ward Fitness now and experience their difference with our professional instructors!⁣

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