【Mealthy健康餐🍽️ 補充身體所需營養】⁣⁣⁣ Mealthy Food

平日喜愛運動嘅你,當然要配合埋健康嘅飲食,咁先可以有效減脂增肌。宜家唔洗自己整啦!4ward Fitness為會員提供多款「Mealthy」營養健康餐,不但含有高蛋白質,而且仲有減脂同增肌套餐選擇,男同女都一樣岩!全部包裝都係可用微波爐既貼體真空包裝,方便又衛生。大家做完運動之後,就可以買返屋企食啦!如果有興趣購買,歡迎向Reception同事查詢啦!⁣






If you like to exercise, you must cooperate with a healthy diet to effectively reduce fat and increase muscle mass. You don't have to cook it yourself now! 4ward Fitness provides members with a variety of "Mealthy" nutritious and healthy meals, which not only contain high protein but also have a choice of fat reduction and muscle gain packages, suitable for both men and women! All packages are vacuum-packaged with a microwaveable plate, how convenient and hygienic is that! You can buy it after your workout and enjoy it at home! If you are interested in buying, please check with Reception colleagues!⁣

Three nutritious and healthy choices:⁣

Salmon Fillet with Mixed Vegetables⁣

Beef Steak with Brussels Sprouts⁣

Chicken Breast with Tomato Salsa⁣

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