【LED 4D Spinning⚡️前所未有的超刺激體驗】⁣⁣

Spinning可以訓練腳上的每一塊肌肉,增強下半身力量。亦都可以燃燒大量卡路里,加速新陳代謝!4ward Fitness 4D Spinning配合多種LED燈設計,塑造超刺激嘅速度感,等越踩越有動力!踩單車亦有一啲注意事項,例如一定要set好適合自己嘅座墊高度、把手距離等,如果唔係就好容易受傷!踩嘅姿勢都十分之重要,所以好需要專業導師嘅指導。立即加入4ward Fitness,同專業導師一齊體驗獨特嘅Spinning堂啦!⁣⁣⁣⁣


Spinning can train every muscle on the foot and enhance the strength of the lower body. It can also burn a lot of calories , speed up the metabolism! 4ward Fitness 4D Spinning is designed with a variety of LED lights to create a super-stimulating sense of speed, and the more you step on it, the more motivated you will ! There are also some precautions when riding a bicycle. For example, you must set the seat cushion height and handle distance that suits you. If it is not, it will be easy to get injured ! The posture of spinning is very important too, so it really needs the guidance of a professional instructor . Join 4ward Fitness now and have the unique Spinning experience with professional instructors ! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

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