【Latin fit dance💃🏻 跳出至Fit身型】⁣

Wa好似韓團咁,咁靚得唔得架?4ward Fitness除咗有熱爆嘅K-pop dance,當然唔少得有Latin fit dance!將拉丁舞蹈和健身完美结合,再配合節奏輕快嘅音樂,等你盡情流汗。加上不同LED的環境變化下,真喺越跳越有feel!如果你都有興趣,即刻Inbox我哋查詢一下啦!

Wa it looks like Korean girl groups! In addition to the popular K-pop dance, 4ward Fitness also has the Latin fit dance! It is a perfect combination of Latin dance and fitness, and couples with the brisk music . Let your body keep sweating. Also couples with the different LED wall, it's really amazing! If you are interested, please send message to us now!

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