【Kettlebell Class🔥消耗熱量神器】⁣

Kettlebell係個全身鍛鍊器材,即使訓練時間短,強度都十分足夠。佢可以鍛煉身體力量、心肺能力、柔韌性同埋身體協調。Kettlebell同帶氧訓練嘅唔同,佢會令你維持一定強度嘅肌力,亦都係練臀部同埋背部嘅好器材~想有專業教練指導你使用Kettlebell?立即加入4ward Fitness,一齊燃燒脂肪啦!⁣

Kettlebell is a piece of full-body exercise equipment, even if the training time is short, the intensity is high enough . It can exercise physical strength, cardiorespiratory capacity, flexibility, and coordination of your body. Kettlebell is different from aerobic training . It will allow you to maintain a certain strength of muscle strength. It is also a good equipment for training buttocks and back ~Want a professional coach to guide you to use Kettlebell? Join 4ward Fitness now and burn fat together!⁣

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