【Kettlebell Class☄️全身性運動訓練】⁣

唔好睇少一個小小嘅壺鈴 (Kettlebell),因為壺鈴訓練能夠變化出多元化和有趣嘅運動。利用Kettlebell不單可以訓練平衡和穩定肌群等肌肉上的訓練,同時也能結合有氧訓練。既可以訓練肌,又可以減肥,難怪咁多運動人士喜愛!立即加入4ward Fitness,同教練一齊小組鍛煉啦!

Don't underestimate a small kettlebell, because kettlebell training can be diversified and interesting sports. Using Kettlebell can not only train balance, stable muscles and other muscle training, but also combine aerobic training. It can lose weight too, no wonder so many sports people love it! Let's join 4ward Fitness now and work out together with our coaches!

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