如果你有接觸過壺鈴 (Kettlebell),一定會聽過搖擺訓練。壺鈴搖擺喺壺鈴訓練的一個最基礎動作,比較易掌握和運動效果好。喺肌肉訓練上,呢個動作算喺一個複合型的全身訓練動作。能夠強化臀部、提升爆發力和強化體能水平。亦都可以作為下背痛患者的康復訓練。正確訓練喺好重要架,大家都記得留意〜

If you have used kettlebell, you may know the swing training. Kettlebell swing is one of the most basic movements of kettlebell training, which is easier to master and has good exercise effects. In muscle training, this movement is a compound full-body training movement. It can strengthen buttocks, enhance explosive power and strengthen physical fitness. It can also be used as rehabilitation training for patients with low back pain. It is very important for right training, and remember to pay attention~

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