Kettlebell係一項簡易的運動,唔需要其他配件例如健身架、繩索等,只需要一至兩個Kettlebell就足夠!l透過多種動作,提升肌力、肌耐力、肌爆發力,以及心肺耐力。 而呢項運動講求穩固有力而且耐力良好嘅軀幹核心與下半身力量,如果用錯力好容易會受傷!所以大家快啲加入4ward Fitness,喺專業教練指導下安全地訓練啦!⁣

Kettlebell is a simple exercise, no other accessories are needed such as gym racks, ropes, etc., only one or two Kettlebells are enough! Through a variety of actions, improve muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle power, and cardiorespiratory endurance. And this sport emphasizes the stability of the inherent strength and good endurance of the torso core and lower body strength. This means when you use the wrong force, it is easy to be injured ! Let's join 4ward Fitness now and train safely under the guidance of professional coaches !⁣

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