揀選Kettlebell多數係以單手無法舉起嘅重量為主。如果太輕嘅話,某啲動作會感受唔到發力, 隨時會令自己受傷!女士們通常建議使用8-12kg;男士們建議12-16kg~ 而有時候需根據動作嚟揀選適當嘅重量,例如訓練大肌群就要用比較重的Kettlebell。適合嘅重量同埋正確姿勢都十分重要,立即加入4ward Fitness,喺專業教練指導下安全地使用Kettlebell啦!⁣

Kettlebell is mostly chosen based on the weight that cannot be lifted with one hand. If it is too light, a certain action will feel uncomfortable , and might get injured at any time ! Ladies are usually recommended 8-12kg; men recommend 12-16kg~ Sometimes, you need to choose the appropriate weight according to the training position. For example, you have to use a heavier Kettlebell for training large muscle groups. Suitable weight and correct posture are very important, join 4ward Fitness now and use Kettlebell safely under the guidance of our professional instructors!⁣

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