想更有趣地做運動?Holofit就最適合不過!Holofit係一個智能互動訓練模式,將多媒體技術、充滿活力嘅音樂、互動燈光同埋心率監測系統互相結合,重塑全新鍛煉空間!並設有多種運動模式,提供身體各方面嘅功能訓練。而我哋嘅Holofit訓練場地係全港最大,令你唔會受到空間限制!快啲參加4ward Fitness嘅Holofit,體驗全新視角嘅小組鍛煉!⁣

Do you want your workouts to be more fun? Holofit might be your perfect choice! The Holofit training technology is an interactive training platform that can totally reinvent your workout space. With the combination of multimedia technology, vibrant music, interactive lights, and a heart rate monitoring system. Our Holofit Group Class can offer you a whole new perspective. It also contains different workout modes to train particular parts of our body. Our Holofit classroom is the biggest size in Hong Kong which you won’t get limited by the space. Come to join us to get a new experience of group class!⁣

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