Holofit係一個絕對唔會令你覺得悶嘅運動方式!除咗結合多媒體技術、有活力嘅音樂外,亦都會有多種運動模式。例如今次嘅課堂需要二人合力,做平板支撐嘅同時需要合力夾住健身球。既可以鍛煉身體,又可以識到新朋友~立即加入4ward Fitness,體驗全新視角嘅小組鍛煉啦!⁣


Holofit is a way to exercise that will never make you feel dull ! In addition to combining multimedia technology and energetic music, there will also be a variety of sports modes. For example, this class needs two members to work together , and they need to stabilize the fitness ball while doing the plank. Not only exercising but also meeting new friends~ Join 4ward Fitness now to experience group classes from a new perspective!⁣

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