經常對住器械重複動作難免會覺得悶,不如轉個模式一齊玩下4ward Fitness全港最大嘅HOLOFIT智能訓練系統啦!除咗音樂同燈光之外,Holofit仲有好多訓練模式及難度,有時候會配合訓練裝備,例如半圓平衡球(Bosu)、健身球(Medicine Ball),所以一定唔會悶!而地上LED屏幕會有唔同嘅Signage標記,令大家嘅動作更加標準,減少受傷機會並有效刺激肌肉組織!立即加入4ward Fitness,體驗全新視覺嘅健身系統啦!⁣

Frequent repetition of fitness exercises with equipment will inevitably feel boring, it is better to switch to a mode Let's play 4ward Fitness's largest HOLOFIT smart training system in Hong Kong! In addition to music and lighting, Holofit has many training modes and difficulties , sometimes with training equipment, such as a Bosu, Medicine Ball, etc. So it will not be boring ! The LED screens on the ground will have different Signage marks, making everyone's movements more standard, reducing the chance of injury, and effectively stimulating muscle tissue ! Join 4ward Fitness now and experience a brand new fitness system!⁣

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