4ward Fitness嘅教練Kenvis憑住堅強嘅意志力同埋決心,將參加喺6/6舉行嘅「HKNBF自然健美大賽」,為自己創下重要嘅里程碑!正所謂台上一分鐘台下十年功,Kenvis堅持每日健身訓練、控制飲食,並為自己設計針對性嘅訓練,完成咗佢確立嘅目標。其實健身同時係一場毅力賽,只要用啱方法,付出幾多就會得到幾多。想同Kenvis一樣有效達標?即刻聯絡我哋4ward Fitness嘅專業健身教練陪你見證成功!我哋一齊同Kenvis打打氣啦!

Kenvis, one of the personal trainers in 4ward Fitness participated in the "Hong Kong Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness" which will be held on 6/6. He completes an important milestone for himself with strong willpower and determination ! As the old saying goes, one minute on the stage is ten years of effort ! Kenvis sticks with daily fitness training, diet control, and designs targeted training for himself to achieve his established goals. In fact, fitness is a perseverance match. No pain, no gain. Want to be as effective as Kenvis? Contact our professional fitness trainer at 4ward Fitness now! And let's cheer up for Kenvis !

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