HIIT可以喺短時間內達到鍛鍊同埋減肥的效果,絕對適合忙碌的香港人。透過間歇性嘅高與低強度運動,令心跳短時間內達到最高心跳的70%,讓身體喺運動過後持續消耗氧氣同埋燃燒體力。而做HIIT嘅大前提當然係唔好受傷,所以十分需要專業指導!快啲加入4ward Fitness,等專業教練指導你正確姿勢,避免拉傷肌肉啦!


HIIT can achieve the effect of exercise and weight loss in a short time, suitable for busy Hong Kong people. Through intermittent high- and low-intensity exercise, the heart rate can reach a maximum of 70% in a short time, so that the body will continue to consume oxygen and burn energy after exercise. And doing HIIT is easy to get hurt, so professional guidance is needed ! Join 4ward Fitness, and let professional coaches guide you in correct posture and avoid muscle strain !

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