相信大家都一定聽過高強度間歇訓練 (HIIT) ,不過當中嘅訓練重點你又知嗎?HIIT重點在於「高強度」和「間歇」呢兩部份。但高強度嘅定義不單是有辛苦嘅感覺,因為感覺太過主觀。而喺應該要有一個客觀準則,例如心率或攝氧量。心率量度就必須要有最大心率的80%或以上才可以定義為「高強度」嘅訓練。所以想有效咁訓練,即刻Inbox聯絡我哋啦!⁣

⁣We believe everyone must know high-intensity interval training (HIIT), but do you know the key points of this training? HIIT focuses on two parts of "high intensity" and "intermittent". The definition of high-intensity is not only a feeling of hardship, because it is too subjective. There should be an objective criterion such as heart rate or oxygen uptake. If measured by heart rate, it must have 80% or more of the maximum heart rate. If you want to train effectively, please send inbox to us now!

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