做HIIT同其他運動一樣,要喺飯後2小時先可以進行。無論係初學者定係有做開運動嘅你,都要量力而為。HIIT有密集嘅肌肉爆發動作,短時間讓心臟及肌肉負荷到達頂點。如果一開始就太辛苦,好容易令自己承受唔到,然後好快就放棄!立即加入4ward Fitness,喺專業教練指導下循序漸進,慢慢做到更高階嘅HIIT訓練啦!⁣

Doing HIIT is as same as other sports, you can only do it 2 hours after your meal. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been exercising frequently, just do your best . HIIT has intensive muscle bursting action, which makes the heart and muscle load reach the peak in a short time. If you went too far at the beginning, it is easy to be frustrated , and then give up soon! Join 4ward Fitness now, step by step under the guidance of our professional instructor, and slowly achieve higher-level HIIT training!⁣

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