【Hatha Yoga😌紓緩壓力】⁣⁣

Hatha Yoga係最古老、最基本、流傳最廣嘅瑜伽派別,強調對於呼吸的控制。隨住整套瑜伽動作同埋音樂嘅渲染下,令大家身心放鬆,身體同心靈都得到淨化。快啲加入4ward Fitness,同專業導師一齊放鬆身心啦!⁣⁣


Hatha Yoga is the oldest, most basic, and most widely spread yoga school, emphasizing the control of breathing . With the rendering of the whole set of yoga movements and music , we can relax both physically and mentally, purify the body and mind. Join 4ward Fitness now and relax with professional instructors!⁣⁣

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