【Hatha yoga😌深層放鬆身心】⁣

Hatha yoga 中的”Ha”是指太陽,”tha”是指月亮,所以Hatha可解作陰陽相配,動作有動態有靜態。佢嘅節奏較慢,通過深層的呼吸配合動作調整和放鬆身心。而每個動作停留嘅時間長,4ward Fitness嘅專業導師就有足夠時間糾正大家嘅姿勢,讓大家不斷進步。即刻加入我哋,拉鬆緊繃嘅肌肉同埋內心啦!⁣

"Ha" in Hatha yoga refers to the sun , and "tha" refers to the moon , so Hatha can be interpreted as a match of yin and yang, with dynamic and static movements. It has a slow rhythm, adjusts and relaxes the body and mind through deep breathing coordinated with movements . And each position stays for a long time, therefore the professional instructors of 4ward Fitness have enough time to correct your posture so that we can keep improving . Join us now to stretch your tight muscles and emotions!⁣

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