【Hatha yoga🌟有什麼特別?】⁣

梵文「哈達Hatha」一意思係「力量」,主要係控制身體發展出平心靜氣嘅能力,再連接到心靈上嘅放鬆。佢唔只可意會協調骨骼同肌肉,亦都有助於血液循環、淋巴系統等。初學者建議唔洗太執著於做到標準嘅姿勢,以簡單嘅動作開始,慢慢協調自己嘅呼吸同埋力量。立即加入4ward Fitness,喺專業導師指導下找到適合自己啲瑜加方式啦!⁣

The Sanskrit word "Hatha" means "strength", which is mainly used to control the body, develop the ability to calm the mind, and then connect to the mind to relax . It coordinates the bones and muscles and helps blood circulation, lymphatic system, etc.. Beginners are advised not to be too obsessed with the standard posture, start with simple movements, and slowly coordinate their breathing and burying strength. Join 4ward Fitness now, and find your own way of yoga under the guidance of professional instructors!⁣

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