Hatha係個入門課程,適合所有初學者。透過一系列緩慢動作,幫助大家提升柔軟度、身體力量同時改善姿勢。如果你係「低頭族」就更適合了!Hatha可以慢慢拉鬆緊繃嘅肌肉,讓你感到更加放鬆。立即加入4ward Fitness,跟專業導師一齊放鬆身體同心情啦!⁣

Hatha is an introductory course that is suitable for all beginners. A series of slow movements help everyone improve their softness, body strength, and posture . If you are a "head bower", it is more suitable! Hatha can slowly stretch tight muscles, making you feel more relaxed. Join 4ward Fitness now, relax and feel the same mood with professional instructors !⁣

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