對於著重健康嘅大家嚟講,利用閒餘時間同埋收工後做運動是常識吧~Hatha瑜伽強度低,係一種簡單的入門瑜珈。所以瑜伽初學者、一般上班族都可以輕鬆上手,感受學習瑜伽的樂趣。維持良好嘅身體健康同埋健美的體魄沒有捷徑!快啲加入4ward Fitness,同團體課堂嘅導遊同朋友建立運動習慣啦!⁣


For the people who focus on health, many of them will spend their spare time on exercise, even after work ~ Hatha Yoga is low in intensity and simple introductory yoga. Therefore, yoga beginners and general office workers can easily get started and feel the joy of learning yoga. There are no shortcuts to maintaining good health and fitness! Join 4ward Fitness now and build up exercise habits with the instructors and friends in the group class!⁣

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