【Detox yoga💫排清體內毒素】⁣⁣⁣

排毒瑜伽 (Detox yoga) 非常適合任何人士參加,主要牽涉很多伸展、轉腰的動作。而這些動作,可以增加腸臟按摩作用,刺激部分具排毒功能的器官。從而有助排出身體的毒素,提升身體消化系統功能。排毒對身體喺非常重要的,你都快啲一齊體驗下啦!⁣


Detox yoga is very suitable for anyone to participate, mainly involving the stretching and waist movements. And these actions can increase the intestinal massage effect and stimulate some organs with detoxification function. It helps to expel toxins from the body and enhance the function of the digestive system. Detoxification is very important to our body, let's experience it together!⁣

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