【Deep stretching🌟非一般的拉筋感覺】

深層拉筋比起普通拉筋更能放鬆深層肌肉,讓身體有一個伸展同埋恢復嘅機會。拉完之後身體會有輕咗修長咗嘅感覺,心情仲會變好添!快啲加入4ward Fitness,同專業導師一齊享受一連串放鬆身心的伸展啦!⁣

Deep stretching can relax deep muscles more than ordinary stretching, giving the body a chance to stretch and recover. After stretching, the body might feel light and slender, and we will have a better mood! Join 4ward Fitness now and enjoy a series of relaxing stretches with professional instructors!⁣

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