【Core Yoga🌟改善姿勢、鍛鍊超美線條】⁣

日常生活中,我哋可能有好多嘅壞習慣或姿勢不良而造成腰酸背痛。想改善痛症,就要透過訓練核心肌群來強化身體。而核心瑜伽就喺其中一個好選擇啦!用溫和的方式訓練身體肌力,串連身體每一個部分,提升身體的平衡和穩定度,從而療癒身體結構的不平衡。快啲加入4ward Fitness,跟導師們一起改善身體啦!

In daily life, we may have many bad habits or poor postures that cause the back pain problems. If you want to improve it, you must strengthen your body and train the core muscles. Core yoga is one of the good choices! Train the body's muscle strength in a gentle way, connect every body's part, improve the balance and stability of the body, and heal the imbalance of body structure. Let's join 4ward Fitness to improve your body with our instructors!

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