【Abs & Stretch💪🏻舒緩繃緊 穩定核心肌肉】⁣⁣⁣

當講起伸展運動,腹部肌肉經常被忽視。其實鍛煉之後絕對有必要伸展腹肌,可以改善姿勢同埋整體靈活性,亦有助於建立並穩定核心肌肉。原來練腹肌除咗sit-up仲有好多拉伸動作!快啲加入4ward Fitness同專業教練一齊發掘更多訓練腹肌嘅方法啦!⁣

When talking about stretching exercises, the core muscles are often overlooked . In fact, it is absolutely necessary to stretch the core muscles after exercise, which can improve posture and the body's flexibility , and also help to build and stabilize core muscles . Turns out that there are a lot of stretching exercises in addition to sit-up exercises for core muscles! Join 4ward Fitness now and discover more ways to train your abs with our professional instructor !⁣

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