【Abs & Stretch💫 改善體態、矯正駝背】⁣⁣

如果想擁有完美嘅曲線,除咗正面之外,其實背部肌肉嘅鍛鍊都好重要架!重點在於要加強背部肌群,不但能瘦出美背,仲可以改善駝背和減少背部疼痛。所以絕對唔可以忽略架!立即加入4ward Fitness,跟專業導師一齊改善體態啦!⁣⁣


If you want to have a perfect curve, in addition to the front, the exercise of the back muscles is very important too! The point is to strengthen the back muscles, not only to lose weight, and also can improve hunchback and reduce back pain. Join 4ward Fitness now and improve your posture with our professional instructors! ⁣⁣

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