【4ward Fitness⛑AED搵得到】⁣⁣

4ward Fitness 除左關心會員嘅健康,仲會考慮到場內每項安全設備,以保障會員和員工安全。所以我哋亦一早設有自動心臟除顫器 (AED),能夠在突發時拯救心臟驟停患者,盡早施行心肺復甦法。

而4ward Fitness亦希望盡一分社會責任,早前加入咗消防處「AED 睇得到 用得到」計劃,將場內的AED借給有需要嘅市民使用,希望可以提升拯救生命嘅效率,進一步保障每個市民。由6月22日起,市民可以喺「AED揾得到」網址搵到4ward Fitness嘅詳細地址,遇上緊急事故時盡速取用AED!希望可以盡到一臂之力,幫助到大家。⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 4ward Fitness cares about the health of members and considers every safety equipment in the venue to ensure the safety of members and employees. Therefore, we have installed an aid of automated external defibrillator (AED), in order to rescue cardiac arrest patients by early administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with AED.

4ward Fitness shared the social responsibility and joined a project from the Fire Services Department , to raise the accessibility of AED for the public, thereby expediting the rescues and increase the survival rate. Starting from June 22, the public can locate 4ward Fitness AED from the online platform, namely “Centralized AED Registry for Emergency (CARE)” , and use the AED as soon as possible in case of an emergency! We will try our best while something unexpected happens!⁣

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