【4ward Fitness🌟嚴格保持衛生】⁣

4ward Fitness用心照顧大家,所以所有會員接觸到嘅範圍我哋都定期聘請EHS消毒團隊進行消毒。EHS引入美國最新消毒技術,具有革命性嘅殺菌效能,不含對健康和環境有害嘅刺激性化學成份,受到多項國際安全認證。4ward Fitness會無時無刻嚴格保持衛生,確保每位會員可以喺又安全又衛生嘅環境健身!⁣

4ward Fitness takes good care of everyone , so we will regularly hire the EHS disinfection team to disinfect all areas that members may touch. EHS introduced the latest American disinfection technology, which has revolutionary sterilization efficiency, does not contain irritating chemical ingredients harmful to health and the environment, and is subject to a number of international safety certifications. 4ward Fitness will strictly maintain hygiene at all times to ensure that every member can exercise in a safe and hygienic environment!⁣

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