【4ward Fitness首播特別場🌟 #媽媽的神奇小子 】⁣全力支持香港運動員⁣




為支持香港運動,4ward Fitness於「媽媽的神奇小子」首播當日,舉行了特別包場。免費邀請會員一同欣賞鼓勵人心的熱血電影,發放更多正能量!「只要願意堅持,仍然可以衝線。」如果會員們有興趣一同觀賞,歡迎向Reception, 相關的會籍部同事或教練查詢。⁣


At the Olympics, we saw the power of each athlete and can felt the persistence and belief behind them. We are also very grateful to all Hong Kong athletes who have been working hard to strive for the greatest honor for Hong Kong.⁣

In order to support sports Hong Kong, 4ward Fitness held a special charter for the premiere of "Zero to Hero". Invite members to enjoy the encouraging and passionate movie together for free, and provide more positive energy! "As long as you are willing to persevere, you can still cross the line." If members are interested in watching together, please contact reception, related membership department colleagues or coaches.⁣

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