【4ward Fitness首播特別場🌟圓滿結束】#媽媽的神奇小子 ⁣

好開心4ward Fitness舉行嘅包場活動非常成功,多謝大家嘅支持!今次免費邀請會員欣賞「媽媽的神奇小子」電影,目的喺希望向大家推廣運動意識和正能量,勉勵大家「只要有夢,肯堅持,凡事都有可能!」。喺疫情嘅環境下,香港同埋身邊朋友都好需要正能量,所以好希望同大家一齊分享、一齊堅持!向住你嘅目標,繼續「Step Forward, Go 4ward」!⁣

亦非常感謝到場出席嘅一眾藝人、會員和朋友等,包括 KOLORCandy LoMaster Joe 游莨維何啟南Wong Ka Lok 黃嘉樂

鄭世豪 HoffmanCheng黃耀煌TerrenceApril Leung 梁皓恩Yan Cheung - 張詩欣郭浩皇(Alex Kwok) 、Cindy等。好高興仲邀請到香港田徑運動員—陳家豪,同教練的學生—溢禧小朋友嘅分享,令我哋感受到運動背後嘅堅持和信念!希望大家繼續呢份熱誠,支持下個星期二(24/8)開始嘅殘奧~香港運動員加油!⁣


It's glad that 4ward Fitness’s premiere special event went well, thank you for all your support! We invited members to watch the movie "Zero to Hero" for free, the purpose is to raise the awareness of sports and positive energy . Also to encourage everyone: "as long as you have a dream and persevere, everything is possible!". Under the circumstance of the epidemic, Hong Kong and the friends around us need positive energy, so we hope to share with you and persevere together ! To live your goal, continue to "Step Forward, Go 4ward" !⁣

4ward Fitness is also very grateful to the artists, members, and friends who attended the show, including KOLOR, Candy Lo, Joe, Stephen Ho, Stephen Wong, Hoffman Cheng, Terrence Huang, April Leung, Yan Cheung, Alex Kwok, Cindy, and so on. It is also an honor to invite Hong Kong track and field athlete Chan Ka Ho and his student Yat Hei to share with us which let us understand the persistence and belief behind the sport! We all will continue to be enthusiastic and support the Paralympic Games starting next Tuesday (24/8)~Hong Kong athletes keep it up !⁣

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