【4ward Fitness團體包場🌟獨家新穎課堂,強化團隊精神】⁣

仲煩惱緊點樣籌辦今季嘅公司團體活動?4ward Fitness幫到你!我哋設有團體包場,亦提供專業教練團隊指導。4ward Fitness備有優質設施, 仲有全港最大的Holofit場地、超刺激動感LED 4D Spinning。保證員工可以更投入活動,建立團隊精神!良好嘅團隊建設活動不但提升職場日常互動氣氛,長遠嚟講更可提升團隊績效!⁣

全港最大嘅Holofit智能互動訓練系統,結合多媒體、音樂與燈光,為你帶來全新運動體驗!其中有需互相配合嘅運動模式, 可強化員工合作和溝通。而4D Spinning有30幾款LED設計,塑造速度刺激感,絕對唔會悶!4ward Fitness仲有其他課堂例如瑜伽、泰拳等等,過往已有逾百私人機構、公司和團體預約包場。立即預約服務,讓員工體驗「真」團隊建設,而唔係「例行公事」團體活動啦!⁣

Still worrying about how to organize team-building activities this season? 4ward Fitness can help you! We have an option to reserve the entire area and provide professional coaching team guidance. 4ward Fitness is equipped with high-quality facilities and the largest Holofit venue in Hong Kong , super exciting and dynamic LED 4D Spinning. Ensuring your employees can be more involved in activities and build team spirit ! Good team building activities not only enhance the daily interaction atmosphere in the workplace but also improve team performance in the long run!⁣

The largest Holofit intelligent interactive training system in Hong Kong, combined with multimedia, music, and lighting, brings you a brand new sports experience! Among them, some sports modes need to cooperate , which can strengthen staff cooperation and communication . And 4D Spinning has more than 30 LED designs , creating a sense of speed and excitement , absolutely not boring! 4ward Fitness also has other classes such as yoga, Muay Thai, etc. In the past, more than 100 private organizations, companies, and groups have booked the venues. Make a reservation for our service now! So your employees can experience "real" team building instead of "routine" group activities!⁣

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